Essay on Love Back Forward



Love is that thing that love songs talk about a lot.  Maybe too much.  You’d think love is all there is.  I have found that love is not all there is.  There is also popcorn and basketball and some other stuff too.  I have been in love many a time.  It has always left me feeling like Hey! This is cool! and then like, Oh now this is not so cool. So I guess love is kind of like shoes.  Like you get new shoes and then the shoes get dirty and then they wear out or you wear them in the basement of your girlfriend’s house because the heat is out and it’s the middle of the night and it’s cold and you are going to turn the heat back on to relight the pilot light but the basement is dark and you don’t see that all the melted snow has flooded the basement and you step into shin-deep water and your shoes become soaked in sewage and cobweb and then there go your shoes!  And then you can only wear dress shoes because those are the only other shoes you have and you tell this story so many times because so many people ask you why you are wearing dress shoes and you already know that it’s because you are going to a funeral but it’s not the funeral you think you’re going to.  You think you’re going to a funeral for your girlfriend’s grandmother and you are there to support her and you do but really you are going to a party and that is the real funeral because things happen at parties that make you feel like you have really died.