Bough Breaks Back Forward



dear malarial mosquito-bitten arm dear burned dear earthquake rubble-crushed, I have no steady answers I wake up every single morning       dear corner drug deal, I have been around dear hunger after ten days dear shredded dear child soldier dear drive-by stray, you are the stuff of voices and I keep waking and you keep showing up and I keep showing up    dear repeated  gesture of  hand to open mouth again  and  again  I pretended not to see until the last day I gave a piece of fruit      dear abducted dear bloated belly dear cancerous marrow, some of us are brave and the question is which ones      dear taunted, the question is how would I protect you      dear institutional bed dear praying for his hand to stop dear rat-chewed ear, I keep waking you keep showing up how brave will we be   dear drunk before menstruation dear beaten nightly,