1995 Back Forward


Something he covets suspends mid-air before him, the materiali-
zation of longing, yes, that’s it, he exclaims, precisely, all
else curls back from this brilliance like plowed clay, I have
desired this my entire life, like cavity desires gold, and now
it appears solid, attainable, filling the void, how long I have
prayed for this perfection, he reveals, in this disappointing
world and awakened mournful, bolts tightened to bluntness,
a naked blunt machine draped in plant products cleverly
dyed, never until now has the hope of completion floated so
close, it breathes down  neck, colostrum sweet, soft pullulation,
not like pear for brutal plucking, but a fragile thing, skittish,
easily vanishing in discomposure, I shall employ my wiliest
art, my Mesmeric talent to this is non-negotiable presence,
gesture, innuendo, inflection, suggestion, the hypnotist’s
penetration of spellbound innocents, finally the end of false
conquests, the slashing through and disposal of insignifi-
cance has led to this incalculable treasure, and, he pledges
resolutely, I shall possess it, it shall be mine, as is my breast’s
hammer, my appendix and esophagus, I shall introduce ir-
resistible tension along crucial surfaces, the hypnotic brow,
magical spaces, the well-orchestrated reserve, classical
boyishness requiring ministration, the mysterious wield, the
aesthetic magnetism of power fused with ease until wil-
lingly into the beautiful trap it slips eradicating my despair.