2016 Back Forward


He throws himself far as he can, inches, solid thud in
dirt, lift, heft, heave, thud, one does not far throw moun-
tain, winded, lungs yanking airless fists, overhead the
usual (contrail, beak, vapor, sun), below the throwing
drama, money money money, failure, one blows life’s
exam and thickens into soft solid lead which does
not creekwater travel, molding, curling, bending, no,
cubical broadsided lead bureau large, can scarcely
haul himself up in petrification, as though drugged
sluggish with psychotropics, Depakote or Trazodone,
Fluvoxamine locomotes about veins, connecting rods,
etc., and throws himself, exerting, far as possible,
inches, and thunderously blunts earth, meaning love,
yes love, he loves phenomenally like an old bull chew-
ing tufts, Ferdinand, with nose ring, love the old
wet nose, of the lollygag red tongue, lashes & all,
one throws one’s self for this, like scoop of mud,
some, a nice cud-ball which whistles down air to
the back of always, oh one adored strategic behav-
ior, thermodynamics, astrophysics, one penetrated
biomedical engineering and hurled one’s self strato-
spherically, but, he, I, just millimeters like a piano
forte or bunker, faux cripple on the world’s other            
side sloshing molten philosophy and diacriticals
into a hardening diesel block thrown half an inch
into eternity, vibrating some, before a lover’s toes.