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In the meantime pagans rampage, cunnilingus, fellatio, orgies,
inebriation, gluttony, golden calf, human sacrifice, murder,
one bearded jackal auctions his daughter while rubber lady
stretches herself into a massive vagina, the clangor rising
atomic, sodomy-bleat, kid-slaughter, noose-creak, vomit-
sputter, while peakwise solid energy singes and sunburns
Pop-Pop crazing his eyes and walloping breast in a little
private ceremony involving autokenesis, ventriloquism,
automatic writing, astral projection, and hyperreality, Pop
turning blue to shocked to radioactive praising alike pos-
tules and elasticity, staggers, loses footing with such
cumbersome rocks, tumbles bleeding knee, regains, the
usual overburdened mountaineer comedy while, as stated,
below like ants rudimentary musicians whip the masses
like curdled cream, between God and hedonism a gaseous
bloom, clear hostility, burnt-robed Daddy and come
smeared Baby on bubble’s outer edges, piss on it,
no other, vain, honor thy, false wit, pull penis from
pants and piss on it, better yet, defile with defecation,
squat and shit this alphabet, then tickle her till she
shrieks, naked orbs, well, I mean, blasphemy, so
many gaping naked hungry organs, ecstasy nodes,
mouths, orifices, lips, flesh, pressing the sky, rub-
bing, banging, longing like a root-entwisted brick and
Father drunk on eternity descending into this pit.