2030 Back Forward


I’m unparalleled, I’m God, I’m messiah and savior, I’m damn
good, I’m a worthless piece of shit, moron, idiot, I’m fucking
amazing, I’m nonpareil, I’m superman, I’m trash, compost,
mediocre, banal, genius, virtuoso, I’m incomparable, I’m
peerless and without blemish, flawless and without stain,
I’m angel, archangel, Host incapable of error, I’m bungler,
bum, goodfornothing, I’m toilet, piss on me, I’m an exe-
crable abortion, smear shit on me, disregard the hideous
creature hulking before you, oaf, I’m inestimable and price-
less, beautiful beyond comprehension, glowing, Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob, Jesus of bulrushes, approach me with
awe for I am terrifying and omnipotent, an obscenity, lep-
rous bastard, defecate on me, cremate me, dispatch me
to the chambers, I the resurrection, supremacy, bow be-
fore your King, your coward, your fool, cover me in
spit, donkey, ass, failure, bonehead, automaton, doofus,
glorious olympian laurel-wreathed, indefatigable bi-
athlete, hairless streamlined missile dissolved into the
universe like a pastel tablet, infinitude, pure compact
sugar burst by prayer, your guru rinpoche, Padmasam-
bhava, inimitable holy entity whose very digits glow,
bowed head halo and levitated above conformity’s
quotidian crush, sea-of-faces herd, but I am loser,
buffoon, inattentive careless impatient dolt ruining
everything, unworthy of your fingernail dirt.