Cheateau Wichman by Ben Pease Back Forward


The Wichman awoke every day
his eyes still opened
                     that he had two of them

            that almost every part of him
came in pairs
                         except his mind
which seemed to have
            many different parts
going in all sorts
                      of directions

on the mantel of The Wichman's fireplace
sat a videotape
                   Bruce Lee's
game of death
a post-it on the cover

a taste of what we can do

popping in the tape
it cut right
                  to the famous fight scene

Abdul-Jabbar: little fellow
you must have given up
the hope of living

Bruce Lee: I do not let the word death bother me
for all of life is simply a redistribution of air

next shot a figure cloaked
              in black

cloud-dark hair
falling from her hood

                          she spoke

Wichman Wichman dear Wichman
you may call us the sage editors
we have taken up your case
now please get out of the way

The Wichman complied

                                     the VCR
and television
       but The Wichman couldn't
                             get over the fact

   that these sage editors
used bits of stock footage
                of Bruce Lee from his pre-

Enter The Dragon films
                   to lengthen the scene
          easily recognizable
   due to the difference
                           in film quality

nearby The Wichman
                  heard pounding
at his door or across the hall

       someone reciting
a tale
           of Apollo
Delphinius appearing
                  to a Cretian ship
in dolphin form
I am god of sun
                                    & poetry
god of prophecy & light
on a floating isle
                         surrounded by swans
I worry dads so bad
                they turn their daughters
to trees
           bow down

The Wichman declared himself in the soup
       simmered and began
to put out the little
       remaining fires
      from the television
with his foot