Cheateau Wichman by Ben Pease Back Forward


the idea of The Wichman
              occupied the mind
of The Wichman

           frequently distracted
by the desire
     for more noble desires
The Wichman often
               found himself
               for a supreme self
in the position to say

               get off my phone
or come with me
        if you want to live

but The Wichman was realistic
     read aloud from his uncle's
certificate of inauguration
           to the Free Masons
Chief Wichman of the Tabernacle
              Prince Wichman of Mercy
    Grand Inspector
Inquisitor Commander Wichman

The Wichman held a
       "that was zen
       this is tao" postcard
addressed to him reading

         as per your ad
         give us something
         to work with

to which The Wichman
    sank into his loveseast
reached his hand
            into a bowl
         of popcorn
watched the new year
       come in alone
and wrote "all of life
             is simply
a redistribution of air"
  onto a note card
   he then stuffed
a seat cushion