I don’t know where the lines are anymore:
in recent weeks the cold begins in my fingers
but rests in your feet: the people on the ____ side
of the walls are mumbling again: somehow
none of this seems believable: when I returned
to the old farmhouse there were plants
by the window: go find a way to break my
conversation into dominos: please I’m begging you:
I miss stability, its two wooden shoes: these remind me
of elevator numbers and West Virginia tunnels:
bites from rattlesnakes: I’m tired of being irrational:
there are reasons for train whistles unlike horns:
get the story straight, bub: two ducks sit on the dock
to wait for dinner: no one at that double
down place even recognized me: I just lied
but a ladybug turned on the touchlamp: right now
I may just pull the curtain down: what’s done
charging gives me small ______ failures