Had she by now walked the
bike on grass
                         A preposition:
where are you from?
air around
a sculpture you need to
tell me
this material day rose

It has no story yet, has
heard particulars
separate around one
traffic separates
around one as the story
says go on but you
have auctioned now
for not even ideas
the separate sun doesn’t
need to separate from

What here, within sight, is not an example: my own palm made my knee diaphanous when
during sleep it brushed. They had the exhibit “Suicide Notes on Marquee of Abandoned Cinema”
and “Mobile Made of Parts of Cloud.” Also, sparrow near a discarded comb. Man with cell
phone jammed into his scooter helmet. And and. “What One Writes When Sick of Reading.”

These wings move most when landing. The hanging feeder moves most if the xyz bird leaves. It is usually noon. After many years my clothes turned the same shade.

I bring my new lover two apples and a stone.

Do I sit where I may view
you or where you
instead must see
me writing this so if
you are writing also I
must be in your book today
is quiet like baseball over the radio