Reality Show

Paul Hlava

The newest prime-time series is about
a couple who lives within their means.
Their apartment is small and fifty
minutes from the city. Their office jobs
are bearable, vacations infrequent
and local. They eat zucchini
from the farmers' market. Their love
is a mastiff who watches pigeons
fight for crumbs through a chain-link fence.
They've been noticed by a fan or two
while out to dinner from time to time.
Their view from the roof to the end of the sea
is lined with tiny boats. Kelp forests blossom
beneath the unbroken surface. Tiny black wisps
of eggs are ferried on the Gulf Stream
to another populous reef. Drifting in dreams
a girl hears speaking in even tones. She
whispers what she hears into her pillow.
Pigeons scatter with the mastiff's sneeze.
The producer counts dollars in his sleep.