Paperbag Test

By: Janet Griffin

Failed again

And again
The Paperbag Test

I lay my arm on the table
Smooth, the color of cocoa it is
The paperbag lie in wait, ready to issue my grade


Too dark for this world you are
          For love
          For marriage
          For existence

You may repeat the test in 30 days


Still too dark
          For the white picket fence
          For the 2.5 children
          For being noticed

My sister passed the test
Made it through the first time
          She was courted
          She was loved
          She married
                    I hate her and I love her

Last chance to repeat the test


Always too dark
          For charming smiles
          For flowers on Sundays
          For self-love

STOP.  Pencils down.  Do not turn the page.

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